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When Faced With An Improper Medical Bill, Take Action


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When Faced With An Improper Medical Bill, Take Action

Should you ever receive a medical bill that you feel is questionable, incorrect or improper, there are measures you can take to deal with it. The Los Angeles Times offers several suggestions, which we summarize here:

Know your rights. Most states have laws saying that patients are entitled to an itemized medical bill that details what services and supplies are included in their charges. Contact the billing department at either the hospital or medical group where you received services and let them know that you want an itemized bill – and tell them you are aware of your legal right to have it.

Get explanations in writing and take protests to the top. All communications with a provider should be in writing, experts say. Insist that your account be placed on hold until the dispute is resolved to avoid having the bill sent to collections. And if you meet with resistance, address a certified letter to the chief executive or chief financial officer of the hospital or medical group explaining that you have tried to resolve billing issues but have hit a brick wall.

Get help from your insurer. “If you are in network – and this is one of the good reasons to stay in network – you can go to your insurer for help. It has a responsibility to some degree to what happens between you and a contracted physician,” says Susan Pisano, spokeswoman for the trade group America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Seek help and file complaints. If your bill is large or you’re having a hard time making headway, patient advocates can help sort things out. For either a flat fee or a share of the money you save, organizations such as Medical Billing Advocates of America ( and Health Proponent ( can help you fight charges or lower your bill.

If all else fails, file a complaint with your state’s department of insurance. If your provider isn’t contracted with your insurer, your state’s attorney general’s office is a place to turn for help.

At MedBen, we use multiple measures – including a advanced claims surveillance system supported by a team of physicians – to ensure that charges for medical services are appropriate. But should you feel that you have been improperly billed, we encourage you to speak to your provider or call the MedBen Customer Service Department at (800) 686-8425.

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