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While Federal Government Wavers, MedBen Helps You Control Costs


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While Federal Government Wavers, MedBen Helps You Control Costs


In a recent Modern Healthcare editorial, writer Merrill Goozner poses the question, "Is the era of healthcare cost control ending?" With the individual mandate dead, the Independent Payment Advisory Board shuttered, and Congress in no apparent hurry to address rising drug prices, Goosner wonders whether the federal government has abandoned efforts to control health care costs.

One of the primary advantages of self-funding your health care plan is that you're not beholden on the whims of federal bureaucracy to help you control costs. Rather, the power is in your hands... and MedBen has proven strategies to assist you in your cost reduction goals.

Right from the start, the self-funded employer can put in place a plan design that best addresses the specific needs of their employee population (as opposed to government marketplace plans that are at once too broad and too restrictive). Along the same lines, we can review a group's claims activity and provide suggestions for shaping plan language in ways that promote more cost-effective care.

A self-funded plan also has the latitude to manage claim costs by customizing the review of particular types of claims. Through a combination of plan benefits, experienced processors, and sophisticated software, we can conduct a detailed analysis to find claims that may not meet medical necessity or billing standards. When a claim gets flagged for further review, we recommend certified medical specialists to look for possible solutions.

Another key to self-funded cost control is the ability to promote better health in the workplace. The MedBen WellLiving program aids employer in encouraging physician-driven preventive care that can prevent the onset of chronic conditions or detect them before they reach to potential to cause physical and financial strain.

And the cost control strategies don’t stop there. With 80 years of benefits management expertise, MedBen can work with you one-on-one to build and maintain a health care plan that reduce costs while still providing high levels of coverage. Find out more by contacting Vice President of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus at

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