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Why the Right Wellness Approach Matters


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Why the Right Wellness Approach Matters

doctor and patient

A recent wellness study confirms something that MedBen has known for a long time: If you want your workplace wellness program to succeed, the "physician first" approach is the way to go.

According to BPS Research Digest, researchers analyzed a university’s wellness program that used on-site biometric screenings and health risk assessments (HRAs) to track member health. After one year, the study compared the health of the program participants to that of a control group... and not surprisingly, found little difference between the two.

But really, MedBen could have saved the researchers the trouble. When we introduced a wellness program a decade ago, we learned early on that the on-site biometric screening is an ineffective means of promoting better health, as it lacks the ongoing doctor-patient dynamic. And self-reported HRAs in which respondents often exaggerate or falsify their health status contribute little.

MedBen WellLiving subscribes to the "physician first" approach because we have found that maintaining the doctor-patient relationship is key to continued good health and lower care costs. But we also understand that employers expect viable results from their wellness program, so we measure wellness success using multiple factors, such as member compliance with recommended tests. We analyze the numbers with our wellness clients on a regular basis to ensure that the program is fulfilling expectations.

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