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With Decision Days Away, Health Reform Chatter Grows


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With Decision Days Away, Health Reform Chatter Grows

With the Supreme Court decision on the fate of the Affordable Care Act expected in just a few days, speculation and commentary is currently running rampant on Internet news sights. Here’s a quick sampling:

Self-Interest Meets Mandate (New York Times): “Advocates of health care reform argue that eliminating the [individual] mandate could gut the president’s plan. Most health economists would probably agree.

“But this consensus is based on a fairly optimistic view that the individual mandate and accompanying fines for failing to comply will be highly effective at persuading Americans to buy health insurance that they would otherwise forgo. On that score, the mandate might matter less than its advocates believe.”

Getting past healthcare’s individual mandate (Los Angeles Times): “[W]hat many Americans don’t realize is that the individual mandate would affect fewer than 2 of every 100 people, according to the best estimates. When all is said and done, a few Americans might still refuse to buy insurance – and nothing much will happen to them […] The mandate brouhaha is truly much ado about almost nothing.”

Regardless Of High Court, No Return To Old Days For Parts Of Health System (NPR): “Efforts to stop paying doctors for procedures and start rewarding them for keeping people healthy began even before the 2010 law. The act’s so-called accountable care organizations of Medicare providers, designed to deliver better health for less money, inspired similar attempts involving commercial insurers and hospitals. Such enterprises will continue even if the court whacks the entire ACA, many argue.”

Poll: Vast support for new health care effort (Associated Press): “Americans overwhelmingly want the president and Congress to get to work on a new bill to change the health care system if the Supreme Court strikes down President Barack Obama’s 2010 overhaul as unconstitutional, a new poll finds.”

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