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With Exchange Enrollment Start Date Looming, Confusion, Opposition Abound


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With Exchange Enrollment Start Date Looming, Confusion, Opposition Abound

One would think with all the free publicity the Affordable Care Act has received in the past several years, the majority of Americans would by now have a pretty good understanding about such concepts as “the individual mandate” and “health insurance exchanges". But based on the findings of a new survey, one would apparently be wrong.

A new USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll shows that, among the 19% polled who are uninsured, nearly four in 10 don’t realize the law requires them to get health insurance next year. Among young people, whose participation is seen as crucial for the exchanges to work, just 56% realize there’s a mandate to be insured or face a fine.

The exchanges, which serve as a marketplace for uninsured individuals to buy insurance, are scheduled to begin enrollments on October 1. But only half of those surveyed know there will be a health care exchange available in their state – even less so in states that have refused to participate, defaulting instead to the federal exchange. Likewise, about half are aware that subsidies will be available for lower-income citizens.

As for opposition to the health care reform law, it has remained fairly high since its passage in March 2010 – and in this latest poll, the 53% disapproval represents the highest level yet. Moreover, 47% of respondents say the law will have a negative impact on the country as a whole, compared to 35% who expect a positive impact.

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