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With Readmissions, Cost Savings Are in the Details


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With Readmissions, Cost Savings Are in the Details

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Among the advantages of MedBen Analytics' proprietary reporting platform is that it allows providers to drill down into hospital readmission data. Now, a new study demonstrates the financial value of this accessibility.

University of Michigan researchers recently found that hospitals participating in bundled payment and other value-based programs have lower readmission rates than those that use fee-for-service alone. From 2005 to 2015, program participants saw a 2.9% reduction in readmissions each year for heart failure patients, as well as 2% drop for heart attack and a 1.9% decrease for pneumonia.

With MedBen Analytics, hospitals have the ability to review readmission details - even those that occurred at different hospitals - and compare current episodes with benchmark data. Using this information, providers can evaluate readmission activity, analyze their underlying causes, and make changes as needed.

MedBen Analytics delivers insights on readmissions, lengths of stay and other cost-oriented variables, enabling hospitals to make informed care decisions. Learn more by contacting MedBen President and COO Kurt Harden at 888-633-2364 or

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