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With Worksite Wellness, Incentives Don't Have To Be Big


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With Worksite Wellness, Incentives Don't Have To Be Big

Money talks – and, apparently, motivates people to walk as well. But at MedBen, we’ve learned that positive wellness reinforcement comes in many varieties.

According to MedPage Today
, a recent review of wellness incentive studies by University of Toronto researchers showed that attendance at exercise classes increased by an average of 12% for individuals who received financial rewards for participation. In most of the studies, the money – which varied anywhere from $3.00 a week as high as $47.00 – was held until the end of the program, but this lack of immediate gratification didn’t appear to be a drawback as long as participants were kept informed of their “reward status".

“This is consistent with findings from previous systematic reviews that generally observed improved dietary behaviors, smoking cessation, and weight loss, respectively, in the short term and while financial incentives remained in place,” the researchers wrote

So while it may come as no surprise that a monetary carrot can spur people to change their behavior, MedBen has found with its Worksite Wellness program that cash enhancements need not be large – or even necessary for incentivizing.

On the one hand, our experience has shown us that wellness plan members respond well to such rewards as time off, reduced health insurance premiums or employer contributions to a personal HRA. But if promoted properly, smaller rewards like gift cards and catered lunches can be equally effective.

And then there are the incentives that cost little to nothing, such as conducting an internal competition or giving recognition through the company newsletter or intranet. With the support of management and the multiple worksite wellness tools provided by MedBen, even the smallest gesture can have a powerful impact.

To learn more about how MedBen Worksite Wellness can help you motivate your workforce to better health, contact Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus at

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