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Woman’s Health Week Promotes Physical, Mental Well-Being


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Woman’s Health Week Promotes Physical, Mental Well-Being

woman walking

In May, we observe National Women's Health Week – a reminder to women of all ages to take the time to focus on their personal well-being, both physical and mental.

One key to better physical health is getting an annual wellness exam from your family doctor or OB-GYN. Not only does it allow the physician to monitor your fitness, it's a great opportunity to discuss your health goals... what you're currently doing to stay well and possible changes you can make.

Likewise, preventive screenings are important for better health – and for woman ages 50 and over, mammograms are a must. Saving lives is, of course, a major benefit of catching breast cancer in its earliest stages, and recent research indicates that mammograms also reduce the likelihood of needing more aggressive treatment (i.e., chemotherapy) in the future.

As for better mental health, it begins with getting enough sleep. Going through your day exhausted negatively affects your disposition and your productivity. Equally important is finding ways to manage stress, such as by taking time for relaxation and talking about your problems with a friend, family member, or therapist.
Finally, avoid unhealthy behaviors. If you smoke, quit. And when you drive, don't text.

Get additional tips for improving your health at the National Women's Health Week website.

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