robotic surgeryMedBen claims management uses multiple measures to ensure that your plan pays the proper price for health care services, but at the core is our team of experienced claim examiners.

To cite one example, a plan member of a MedBen client underwent robotic hernia repair for a ventral hernia. The client was billed $310,000 for 15-minute usage of robotics – over 10 times the usual allowed amount for robotic surgery.

As part of MedBen’s claims evaluation process, an examiner reviewed the claim, noted the excessive billed amount, and paid it in accordance with the client reference-based pricing (RBP) plan language. Based on the RBP formula of a standard Medicare payment for the surgery plus a set added percentage, the provider received $60,000.

The client saved $250,000 on the billed charge for robotic hernia repair under the RBP plan. The provider accepted the payment with no “balance billing.”

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