growth progress chartTo give employers the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, MedBen has partnered with Deerwalk, Inc. to provide an upgraded data analytics and reporting platform. The strong reporting that MedBen clients come to expect is now even stronger.

With our enhanced reporting platform, we’ve kept what works and added valuable new features, including:

  • Client data now updated every two weeks (previously monthly).
  • Report generation using up to five years of data, rather than on a rolling two-year basis.
  • Reports and charts can be customized and auto-generated on a scheduled basis.

The enhanced MedBen reporting platform incorporates hindsight (what happened and why?), insight (what’s happening right now?), and foresight (what’s going to happen next, and what should I do about it?). This integrated analytics approach offers clients actionable clinical insights and detail unrivaled in data reporting.

We’re confident you’ll find that our enhanced reporting platform takes data analysis to a higher level. A MedBen team member will be in contact with you soon to offer you a demonstration of the dashboard and the new reporting features.